• Nadia Ross

Working with aversions

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

One of the ideas I like to challenge is this idea that you have to ‘do what you love to do’ and things will work out. I think it’s important to once in a while do what you don’t like to do and see what you can learn from it.

I have always had mixed feelings about puppets. And clown noses. And mimes. I have really hated those things, as an artist. Stuck my nose right up at them. But I know that they have so, so much profound and essential value, that they are great tools for enlightenment. I just have this aversion… So, in the spirit of facing my aversion, I decided to allow myself to work with puppets once in a while. Also, I couldn’t afford to work with people so we made puppets and worked with that. In the process, I have discovered how valuable puppets are (they literally can be a gateway to freedom), but, I still have an aversion to them. The other good thing about working with puppets, is that it is very hard to take your disagreements in the studio too heavily. Puppets are ridiculous and it makes all of your problems making the darn project seem ridiculous as well. In a very good way. I have also learned that going towards the things you have an aversion to can be truly problematic and that the aversion can be there to keep you safe. Not all things you don’t like are worth exploring.

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