• Nadia Ross

Recent Experiences 2000 - 2006

Taking place over the course of one hundred years, Recent Experiences recounts the story of four generations of a single family as they wind their way through the historical backdrop of the difficult 20th century. The audience sits around a large table alongside the performers. With everyone sitting around the same table the traditional hierarchy between the stage and the audience is diffused, thereby creating a common situation and providing a possible space for the intimacy of story telling. Recent Experiences is a performance in the form of a micro-epic. It examines a gradual change in thinking: from a worldview that saw ethics and morality as something to be derived from tradition, to an outlook that searches for meaning in the potential of the future. Each generation strives not to repeat the mistakes of their parents, as the minutiae and melodrama of everyday life weave and clash against the major turning points in the 20th century. These stories stir up a legacy of shared beliefs about happiness, love and the yearning for truth, and they wrestle with the moral, ethical and human dilemmas that evoke notions of responsibility, death, guilt, solitude and despair. Recent Experiences re-invents the 20th century as a family story. The only thing left to do is sit with us at the table and gently partake in the wonders of this humane and tender play.

Par le biais d’histoires, d’entrevues et de projections vidéo, trois interprètes (Nadia Ross, Jacob Wren et Tracy Wright) explorent les parallèles qui existent entre l’entreprise psychothérapeutique, l‘isolement métaphysique et l’essence de la performance. La prémisse de Revolutions in Therapy est que la pratique de la méditation et des nouvelles thérapies puisse constituer un guide de survie pour quiconque mène une vie difficile. Les auteurs Nadia Ross et Jacob Wren débattent ensuite de la validité de cette hypothèse en invoquant leurs points de vue divergents. S’ensuit alors une performance d’une haute densité intellectuelle lors de laquelle ce qui est exprimé se révèle de façon profondément touchante, tout en étant impossible à définir. Nadia Ross et Jacob Wren ont développé un langage théâtral faisant appel à une mise en scène et à une narration simples et minimalistes. À cela, ils ont ajouté des textes coups de poing qui vont droit au but. Recent Experiences, spectacle né de leur collaboration précédente, jouit encore d’un franc succès à l’échelle internationale. Revolutions in Therapy est une œuvre contemporaine qui traite de nos préoccupations personnelles et collectives les plus intrinsèques. Le production finale a été créé en residence à Usine C (Montreal) International productions of play by other groups: 2003/2004: Stuttgart Stadt Theater, Germany 2003:Tehran Center for Dramatic Arts, Iran Iranian production has since toured to a number of international locations. CREATIVETEAM Written and directed by: Nadia Ross and Jacob Wren   Performed by: Learie McNicolls /or Andrew Moodie, Tracy Wright, Andrea Davis /or Ngozi Paul, Charles Officer Ingrid Veninger, Nadia Ross   Set Design and Staging Concept: Paul Mezei   Lighting Design: Steve Lucas   Technical Director: Steve Lucas   Stage Manager: J.P. Robichaud   Produced by: STO Union in association with Candid Stammer Theatre   Touring Agent: Menno Plukker 2006 / LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES UCLA Live, Los Angeles, United States 2004 / BERLIN, GERMANY UCLA Live, Los Angeles, United States 2004 / BELFAST, IRELAND UCLA Live, Los Angeles, United States 2004 / THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS Theater Regentes, The Hague, Netherlands 2003 / HONG KONG, CHINA The Hong Kong Festival, Hong Kong, China 2002 / MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA The Melbourne International Arts Festival, Melbourne, Australia 2002 / BRUSSELS, BELGIUM Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels, Belgium 2002 / VIENNA, AUSTRIA Vienna Festwochen, Vienna, Austria 2002 / BONN, GERMANY Theater der Welt, Bonn, Germany 2002 / FRANKFURT, GERMANY Mousonturm Kunstlerhaus, Frankfurt, Germany 2001 / MONTRÉAL, CANADA Le Festival de Théâtre des Amériques, Montréal, Canada 2000 / TORONTO, CANADA The Theatre Centre, Toronto, Canada With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council

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