• Nadia Ross

Good News from the Sun (Part 1) 2012 - 2013

Good News from the Sun (Part 1) is a community collaboration with five youths from the Outaouais. It is about coming-of-age, friendship and the larger forces that pull us into adulthood. A smart and direct piece, Good News from the Sun (Part 1) explores the dynamics of power between the director and the young performers, and between the performers themselves.

Over the course of two years, STO Union worked with youth from Wakefield, Quebec. Together, they created a play, Good News from the Sun.   The play was presented in Ottawa during the Magnetic North Theatre Festival in 2013.   Before being able to perform the show on tour, the youths would outgrow their parts and were made into puppets for the video sequel, Good News from the Sun (Part 2).

In Good News from the Sun (Part 1), five young women allow themselves to be interrogated by a middle aged woman. They do so with utmost trust, which raises the question: why are they so willing to be interrogated? What is it that we can learn from these youth, who allow themselves to be open books for the public to see? What returns, over and over again, is their optimism: is their basic trust in the world, still un-challenged, the main reason for their optimism? But is this optimism just the naiveté of youth, or is there something that we all can learn from them, or even remember from our own pasts, something that we have lost through the process of living life?  Good News from the Sun (Part 1) looks at transitions and power as they relate to age and ‘growing up’.

STO Union gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts on Good News From The Sun. Funding has been provided by the Roadmap for Canada’s Official Languages 2013-2018: Education, Immigration, Communities.

2013 / OTTAWA, CANADA Magnetic North Theatre Festival’s Encounter Series June 15th, 2013 CREATIVE TEAM CREDITS:   Directed by Nadia Ross.   Created by Ross in collaboration with Nancy Hildinger, Natasha Grimard, Mara McCallum, Maddie McKinnell and Hannen Sabean and Sarah Conn.   Performed by: Hildinger, Grimard, McCallum, McKinnel, Sabean and Ross with Charlotte Galvani and Joshua Wayner.   Assistant director: Sarah Conn.   Stage Manager: Rob Scott.

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