• Nadia Ross

Good News from the Sun movie

Photo of performers: Natasha Grimard, Nancy Hildinger, Mara McCallum, Madeleine McKinnell, Hannah Sabean

This is a community collaboration that I did with youths from the village of Wakefield, Quebec.

We did a live theatre show together and it was invited by Ravi Jain (Why Not? Theatre) to be performed in Toronto at the Theatre Centre when their new building opened. But construction was delayed and the presentation date got pushed until the following fall. All of the youths were moving on that year, finishing school and moving to different parts of the world. We would not be able to come together again for a live show. Determined, we decided to make puppets of everyone and do little movie so that we could have something to show in Toronto. I had accepted Ravi’s invitation and it was a great opportunity that we didn’t want to miss. This is part of my philosophy that you have to make lemonade when given lemons because often it’s better then what your plan was and/or it leads you to new worlds and insights. This project was also a way of saying thank you to the youths that had collaborated so beautifully on the live show with me.

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