• Nadia Ross

Epiphany script

Photo of Vienna’ version of the Epiphany Project “Aha! Alt Erlaa!” Photo credit: unknown


In Epiphany (True Human Stories), I asked the community to share with me a moment when their worlds changed: a turning point, an epiphany, an insight that changed the way they lived. I was narrowing in on the ‘turning point’ as it relates to the act of ‘realization’ that often happens in stories. The moment when people ‘realize’ something and that changes their story. That realization can be so powerful that it can change not only your future story, it can realign the past. I lined up the Epiphanies the community submitted within the context of a simple story. And my courageous neighbours and friends and people in my village, got up and made it into a show. This version Epiphany: True Human Stories was done in 2010 in Wakefield Quebec.

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