out loud

Out Loud is a creative process that shines a light on the secret storytellers we hold in ourselves and the stories that they are telling.


Out Loud: Talks to Self is a video project that lets your inner narrator speak, the voice in your head, that voice that is kind of running the show, but that you actually don’t pay that much attention to.


Out Loud: Epiphanies is a video project that asks you to share the out of the blue insights that come like a flash, the stories that just show up and cross your mind, meant to inspire and guide you as you move through life.

Out Loud is a simple and easy process that allows us to share of ourselves intimately, through creativity, building deeper trust and bonds between those that we share this world with. 

To get to know more about the Out Loud creation process and to find out how you can get involved, CLICK HERE, and you will get access to the background working of the Out Loud process and find out ways to do it yourself.

Check out the videos below to see examples of the Out Loud process so far!

Concept, director, editor:  Nadia Ross / Technical, production support:  Rob Scott / Producer, manager:  Shauna Kadyschuk

Graphic design:  David Irvine / Music:  Mat Falvai

Super Ego Out Loud: Community Tests
Super Ego Out Loud Cinema Wakefield “Woman at War” edition Fall 2019:

Super Ego Out Loud Cinema Wakefield edition Fall 2019:

Super Ego Out Loud Place des Artistes de Farrellton Art Installation edition Spring 2019:

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