Showing the videos online or at events

Out Loud video recordings can be shown in multiple scenarios. They have been viewed as art installations in artistic institutions, introduction videos at community movie nights and offered as online reflections on social media during the 2020 pandemic’s periods of self-isolation.

The idea is so simple that its applications are almost endless.

If you are interested in doing Out Loud sessions within your community, we recommend that you work either with us, or with a person, group or organization that we recognize for this project.

STO Union recognizes and partners with other not-for-profit or charitable arts, culture and educational companies and institutions and their employees and hired artists that are supported by public funding bodies and government agencies.


If you represent such a company or institution and you wish to do your own version of the Out Loud concept within your own communities and contexts, you can contact us at, as there are multiple approaches possible.


If you are an individual and you wish to do an Out Loud recording, contact us at Each Out Loud recording takes between 30 minutes to two hours to complete.

There are not many recording spots available with STO Union artists, but we can sometimes point you to partners that are creating their own event, in their own localities.

Pending fall tours, the next session is in Fall 2020.  Please leave us your name and location (city or village) and we’ll return your email once plans are confirmed.

As a side note, it’s important to be aware that when you reach out to do a recording, you do so knowing that the final videos are meant to be shown publicly.

Of course, nothing is stopping you from doing your own versions of the Out Loud project. The ‘inner monologue’ is, quite literally, everyone’s idea and anyone can do anything with the concept of ‘inner narrator’ – these simple ideas are fun to play with, and we are always amazed at the different ways they can be applied.

If you do your own version, feel free to share it with us! And, please exercise ethical standards and caution when engaging your community to dig deep. A lot can be sitting below the surface waiting for a voice.

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