STO Union is a registered not-for-profit multi-arts and performance company producing original new creations for presentation and engagement, for sharing locally and abroad. New creations are developed through an artistic practice that is based on research and exploration, energizes communities, speaks to a larger world, and shares knowledge about artistic practice along the way.


Working with a unique hybrid of community-engaged and professional arts, using new and old technologies, STO Union’s mission is to bring new vision to how we make, participate in, and experience the performing arts in today’s world.

-STO Union Mission Statement

STO Union projects take their inspiration from the ancient art form of the theatre and expand this definition into entirely new realms of practice. Our projects are professional and are built through a workshop process that relies heavily on research, development and dramaturgy. Both the ensuing productions and key discoveries made along the way are shared with audiences, amateur and professional communities at home, across Canada and abroad, in person and digitally, as a mutually beneficial exchange of experiences, furthering the cycle of creating and sharing with, inspiring and being inspired by, multiple communities in multiple locations.


Located in West Quebec on un-ceeded Algonquin territory at Place des Artistes de Farrellton, the only multi-arts establishment in the region, STO Union’s mandate is to advance the performance culture and art form by:

  1. Being creative in our explorations of new methods in artistic practice and production to produce new, original professional works for the stage and other spaces, including digital spaces;

  2. Share the projects through touring of new works both physically and digitally.

  3. Inspire people at all levels – from established through emerging and the yet-to-emerge artists in all of us – through knowledge sharing and exchange opportunities.

An important motivation seeding all three components of STO Union’s mandate is the belief in performance culture’s role in making creative experiences that work much in the same way myths and traditional storytelling used to in our pre-digital world: that is, we make the creative experiences that help to bond communities together much in the same way myth and ritual bonded our ancestors.

STO Union’s productions have premiered in Canada either at established venues in Canada and abroad.  The company has engaged in national and international co-production arrangements, with such partners as Le Festival de Théâtre des Amériques (Montreal), Theater der Welt (Germany), Brut-Wien (Vienna, Austria) and the National Arts Centre (Ottawa), to name a few.   The company has presented its work at numerous international theatre festivals and venues, including: UCLA Live!  (Los Angeles, California); the National Arts Centre (Ottawa); The Rotterdamse Schouwburg  (Rotterdam, Netherlands); Kulturhuset (Stockholm, Sweden);  Hebbel Theater (Berlin, Germany); Théâtres du Monde and FTA (Montréal, Canada); The Simple Life Festival (Berlin, Germany); Belfast Theatre Festival (Belfast, Ireland); Theater Regentes (The Hague,The Netherlands); The Hong Kong Festival (Hong Kong); The Melbourne International Theatre Festival (Melbourne, Australia); Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels, Belgium); Vienna Festwochen (Vienna, Austria); Theater der Welt (Bonn, Germany); Mousonturm Kunstlerhaus (Frankfurt, Germany); Theatre Grand Junction (Calgary, Alberta); The Meteor Festival (Bergen, Norway); The Baltic Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia), to name some of the cities and venues we have presented in.  STO Union’s productions and its collaborators have won awards, including the Chalmers’ Award and Dora Award.  In 2016, artistic director Nadia Ross received the Siminovitch Prize, a prize which shines a spotlight on excellence and innovation in Canadian Theatre.